• Tom Delaey   |    product designer

Tom Delaey
By monitoring societal trends and technological innovations, we help you to create a long term vision, which we achieve in incremental steps … short term feasible objectives.

We build bridges and connect stakeholders, key opinion leaders and experts with in-depth domain knowledge. We facilitate multi-disciplinary co-creation workshops to grow ideas into feasible concepts. With visualizations, animations, models or demonstrators, we check the assumptions, and validate the innovations. In close collaboration with your R&D development team, we safe-guard the objectives and execute to manufacturability and realization! We support your marketing and sales team to clearly communicate the new attractive features, the values and the differentiating qualities, to your audience.

Systemic Design

Healthcare has many stakeholders.  Due to its complexity it needs a systemic approach.  Through research and with empathy and curiosity, we discover and help you to better understand the context, map the different journeys of each stakeholders and sculpt the experiences … at every stage, in each stakeholders’ journey, we identify the touchpoints and facilitate the moments of interaction. Through co-creation, we design the product which fits the most ideal flow: simplified, effective (quicker and at lower cost), and aiming for the best clinical results.

Human-centered qualitative experiences

We help you to transform healthcare to well-integrated and more qualitative experiences.  The product should be balanced and should fit its purpose.  It is attractive through simplification, reduced complexity, and in harmony with its environment.  It will empower healthcare workers or users to focus on the human interactions, and enable the patient and the informal care givers to engage and participate.

Change maker

With our clients we want to challenge the current state, tackle the issues of today … we aspire to a make a meaningful impact and help to create social change needed for tomorrow.  We believe in a fair and sustainable society which is tolerant, diverse and needs to be inclusive! We drive by curiosity and empathy!