• Tom Delaey   |    product designer

Tom Delaey
I am a passionate product designer, stimulating the creative process with new ideas and driving implementation, within multi-disciplinary teams, from concept to realization.  I wish to participate in the creation of people-centered, meaningful and “desirable” solutions, for profit and non-profit organizations.

With more than 25 years’ experience in a great variety of product areas: consumer electronics, professional equipment and healthcare solutions.  A number of these engagements have delivered award-winning products. 
Special interest in healthcare innovation.
I am excited about my role in bringing together multiple stakeholders for the advancement of healthcare challenges: people centered, with better outcomes, time efficient and cost effective.

Seeking engagements in meaningful design.
Contributing to a healthier society, always human centered and problem solving.  As Victor Papanek wrote:  “Design for the real world: human ecology and social change”.

I cherish the opportunity to collaborate with the real craftsman,
whether the mechanical engineer in the company, or the skilled ceramist, carpenter, blacksmith, glassblower, basket weaver or leatherworker in a workshop … together, creating beautiful, balanced, simplified and easy to use products …with my persistent attention to the last little detail!