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Tom Delaey



Visiting MEDICA in Germany, the worldforum for medicine … for inspiration, research and to meet new clients!


Systemic Design

Attended a great conference on Systemic Design, http://www.rsd7.org, in Torino Italy, in the legendary FIAT building Lingotto, with a racetrack on its rooftop! https://lnkd.in/gRjBhA9 .
Inspiring keynote speakers:
  • Chido Govera, founder of “The Future of Hope Foundation”
  • Gunter Pauli, ZERI foundation, blue economy, club of Rome
  • Simon Widmer, Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation
  • Pille Bunnell, systems ecologist
  • Chelsea Mauldin, social scientist and designer with a focus on government innovation.
Inspiring parallel sessions with highlight from H. Chaplin - Re-Defining Journalism Education: Using Systems Thinking and Design to Revolutionize the Future of Storytelling.
Great introduction to THE Systemic Design Toolbox, by Namahn.be, Kristel Van Ael, Stefanos Monastiridis and Sabrina Tarquini. Find the tools on: systemicdesigntoolkit.org